Kind Words


Jennie is such a talented, focused, and overall amazing person and Creative Consultant. I wish I could also hire her to run my life, and one day hopefully I will!

Let’s start with logistics: she is extremely organized (I’ve never seen anything like it), knowledgeable, and resourceful. If she doesn’t have an answer, she sure as hell will find it for you. She has this incredible ability to orchestrate little pieces of excellence into one big-ass masterpiece of excellence. She took all my writing, photos, and ideas and weaved them together for me into a final product I was in love with!

She literally helped me realize one of my dreams – to publish my first book – and I could NOT have done it without her. She’s basically a fairy godmother for dreams.

What’s special about Jennie is that she works with you, collaborates, gives input in a kind and respectful way, and participates with heart, intellect, and soul into your work, goals, and purpose. Often times she would make suggestions I wouldn’t even have thought of and improved the work significantly as a result.

She is more than someone you hire to help you get shit done (although, that, too) – she is a valuable TEAM member and active participant in realizing your dreams.

I would recommend her 100x over because she is worth it. Every single penny, and more.

Thank you, Jennie for your relentless commitment, love, and attention to my dream.”

Celinne Da Costa, Story Teller | Brand Coach | Life Architect


“Jennie, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my business. Words can’t express my gratitude and level of relief. You’re professional, knowledgeable and proactive. Yet, what I love most about you is that you don’t require any hand holding. I know that when I give you a project, large or small, organized or a disorganized mess (lol), it’s going to be done well and on time. You’ve always exceeded my expectations!”—Semonna McNeil of New ClientMagnet


“Let me put it this way. If I was starting a business, Jennie’s the first person I’d hire.”—Scott Davis, Project Manager at ALEX


“I have had the privilege of working with Jennie for over 6 years. As our Facilities Manager and Senior Administrator her proactive attention to detail makes all of our jobs so much easier. In that time, she has coordinated over 400 events from small meetings to workshops and seminars without missing a beat. Her relationships with customers, vendors and co-workers have made her an invaluable member of our team.”—Michael Morgan, Project Manager at AMERICAN SYSTEMS


“I have known Jennie for nearly 15 years – we met in college where we were both art majors. Jennie has always been more than just a creative, imaginative soul. Don’t get me wrong, she is extremely talented and is very passionate about art – and versed in many media (paint, photography, graphic design, mixed media, etc), but more so she has the vision and amazing organizational skills to take creative individuals to the next level in their business ventures. Jennie is reliable, trustworthy, and detail-oriented; she can work through any issue, big or small, to find the right solution. She is results-driven and hardworking. If you need a helping hand, she’s your gal.  She also happens to be one of the most caring, kind, and generous people I’ve ever met. If you engage Jennie for services I’m sure she will not disappoint.”—Naomi Warner, College Friend


“I met Jennie in our last year of college, and man, I wish I had met her sooner! Having her friendship in that final year made my whole college experience that much better. Fast forward to over 10 years later and I still feel that way about her friendship. She is so easy to get along with, has a fun, yet, calm demeanor, is loyal as all get out, and has a great way of showing you that she cares without making too much of an outward effort. She’s honest, reliable, and truly cares about the people and things she puts in her life. I trust her completely and know without a doubt that she will always be a friend.”—Haley Clark, College Friend


“Jennie is one of the nicest people I know. She is honest, open and consistently supportive of those around her. She has always been an artist in the way she interacts with the world; add to that her organization, technical and social media skills and you couldn’t find a better helper.”—Robin Thomas, Beautiful Aunt


“Jennie is one of the friendliest people I know. She’s kind in every way! She has a keen eye for fine details. She is very organized, and gets plenty of daily practice keeping three kids and a husband organized and on-time. She consistently delivers under pressure while only breaking a little sweat :)”—John Rensink, Handsome Husband


“Jennie is one of my favorite people in the world, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my sister. Yes she’s super smart and organized and can take on a plate full of tasks, but more important than that she genuinely *cares* about the projects she works on and pours her heart into each of them. If you’re looking for someone to just knock out the work and lay low, she’s probably not your girl. But if you’re searching for a *partner* who will bring ideas and energy into your vision, I can’t recommend her enough.”—Xris Thomas, Big Brother #1


“Jennie has always been committed to integrity, both at work and in life. Ever passionate and eager to support, Jennie’s defined principles, like her vision for professional excellence, are unwavering and rooted in a solid foundation of core values, optimism and a genuine desire to make a mark on the lives of those whom she engages. In a word, Jennie is trustworthy.”—Nick Thomas, Big Brother#2


“I’m Jennie’s mother and I have known her all her life. I know you’re probably thinking, “oh, here’s a mother who is going to brag about her child and how wonderful a person she is, so talented, creative, dependable, sincere, etc…” Isn’t this what most mothers would do? Well yes, however, in this case it’s the truth.

Jennie has always been a caring person who enjoys people and helping others without expecting something in return. She believes in the importance of honesty, respect for others and living a life of integrity. Jennie is an artist at heart. She enjoys photography, painting, and being creative in many other ways such as through her art, the way she wraps gifts, decorates her home, the books she chooses to study and learn from, and much more.

As an artist, she strives to find the time in the day to spend on her passion for creativity, therefore she is very understanding of those who are in her position. Helping others with this time issue is something she’ll tackle with all her energy and creativity, knowing she is making the artist’s lives better by providing them with the essential element that is needed for them to be successful in their artistic aspirations.

If you are looking for someone who not only has the talent to achieve what you need but at the same time someone who is dependable, professional, courteous and respectful, Jennie is the one. She is easy to work with, she will value your input, respect your wishes, and she will always strive to do her best. Your work relationship will be a very rewarding and beneficial one. You will not regret hiring her for the job you need.”—Nancy Thomas, Momma Bear