November – Week 5 Goals [Check-In]

This week was rough. I started feeling too optimistic about what I could complete in the time I had on Tuesday. Lesson learned I need to make the actions smaller so they are more doable. Plan to underachieve rather than overachieve to get the feeling of accomplishment rather than feeling like I’m falling short. As long as I’m moving forward, I’m happy.

This week I’m not able to cross anything off as I focused on Miles’ box but still have half a box to complete. It’s going well overall, the incompletion was more so due to lack of time to spend on it before our trip than not wanting to do it.

  • Priority #1: Organize family memories
    • Sort through Miles’ box (1-2h)
    • Sort through Liam’s box (1-2h)
    • Sort through my memory box (1h)
    • Sort through extended family memory box (30m)
  • If time allows: Pick up all the small piles:
    • Basement pile (15m)
    • Bookshelf pile (15m)
    • Work notes that need to added to digital notes and then tossed (30m)

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