November – Week 5 Goals

This week is going to be tougher to get tasks completed as I will be gone for half the week so I’m going to focus on one area to reduce stress. My main focus will be on organizing family memories as I know that I will keep pushing that off if I don’t keep going with it. If time allows, I’ll finish picking up the small piles.

  • Priority #1: Organize family memories
    • Sort through Miles’ box (1-2h)
    • Sort through Liam’s box (1-2h)
    • Sort through my memory box (1h)
    • Sort through extended family memory box (30m)
  • If time allows: Pick up all the small piles:
    • Basement pile (15m)
    • Bookshelf pile (15m)
    • Work notes that need to added to digital notes and then tossed (30m)

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